Can I reuse my ovals/planks?

Yes, as long as the planks are not too charred, many customers enjoy about 2-3 uses per plank. To get the longest life from your planks, follow these care and cleaning instructions:

  1. After your plank has cooled scrape any residue off using hot water, but no soap as the soap will get into the wood grain
  2. Allow the plank to air dry
  3. Sprinkle with salt
  4. Place in a ziplock bag with the date and food type (chicken, salmon, etc) to avoid cross-contamination
  5. Store in the freezer (optional)

To keep the planks from burning and maximize their life even further, you may place them on the top rack of your grill or on tinfoil or a cookie sheet. As long as the planks heat up, they will deliver the sap flavor. Allowing them to burn slightly will deliver a smokiness to your dish as well.