About Maine Grilling Woods

Maine Grilling Woods

From the Farm to You

Maine Grilling Woods are produced and packaged in our brand new facility in Searsmont, Maine using wood harvested by hand by local woodcutters and farmers. Our wood comes fresh from the many small woodlots and family farms in the nearby rural areas of coastal and central Maine. The wood is then sawn, chunked, chipped, dried, packaged and shipped out right from our facility daily to restaurant, food service and retail customers in all 50 states and Canada.

Why settle for cooking over a plain old gas or charcoal fire? Turn that T-bone into something terrific with Black Cherry wood. Make it a smokin' good salmon with Golden Alder or Northern White Cedar... and there is nothing in the world like pork over Wild Apple!

Sustainable Wood Harvesting

Maine Grilling Woods continues a long tradition of sustainable harvesting practices that have been a hallmark of the management of Maine woodlands for nearly 200 years. Maine is one of the few wood producing areas of the world that can proudly say the following:

Since the middle of the 19th century, Maine has been gaining forest acreage, not losing it like some parts of the world. Maine's forests have been harvested for wood products for over 200 years, yet 90% of the state remains forested - the highest percentage in the nation. Timber harvest and overall forest growth rates are currently in a rough balance.

- Maine Forest Service Website

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